What are the Steps I Should Take After My Divorce?

Divorce Lawyer Austin, TX

What are the Steps I Should Take After My Divorce?Now that your divorce has been finalized, there are some basic things you must address to move forward with your life. If you have any questions about any of these items, contact The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay, the divorce lawyer Austin, TX calls first. We can help answer any questions or concerns you may have as you move on.

  • Contact Information –– If you have a new address and/or a new phone number, make sure you get this information to all who will need it. Don’t forget emergency contact information at your child’s school, any clubs or sports teams they may be a part of, your child’s medical records, your medical records, etc. Check any online accounts that may need updating, credit card companies, bank accounts.
  • Usernames and Passwords — A divorce lawyer from Austin, TX will tell you how important changing your passwords is. Your ex-spouse likely knows all your passwords so make sure you change them all to something they are not going to be able to guess. This includes bank account logons, emails, credit card accounts, etc. You may also want to block your ex from all social media sites.
  • Name Change — If you have been married any length of time, your married name is probably listed on all your identification. If changing your name is part of the divorce, you will have to contact all necessary agencies and notify them of the change. These agencies include the Social Security Administration and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Contact any banks or financial institutions to change your name. Do not forget about any outstanding loans or mortgages in your married name.
  • Estate Documents — An Austin, TX divorce lawyer will always stress to you to check all your estate documents and make any necessary changes. If in your will you leave your estate to your ex-spouse, you will need to redo your will. If necessary, change any advanced healthcare directives or a powers of attorney to remove your ex-spouse’s name. You probably do not want your ex to have any authority over important decisions made on your behalf.
  • Beneficiary Changes — Unless the court has stated in the divorce judgment otherwise, change the beneficiaries on any insurance policies, 401ks, retirement accounts, bank accounts.
  • Change Status at Your Job — Let your employer know about your change in marital status. If your ex-spouse was covered under your health care plan, they may want to participate in COBRA coverage after the divorce is final.  In addition, a divorce attorney in our Austin office can explain that the divorce decree may require that you divide your retirement accounts, whether it be now or at a later date. Your employer needs to know the details of the plan and provide the necessary paperwork to make the changes to the retirement account.
  • Go Over Every Bit of the Divorce Judgment — Understand the responsibilities of each party and make sure you meet all the deadlines associated with those tasks.
  • Divide Assets According to the Judgment — Once joint accounts have been divided, close the accounts. If the other person does not want the account closed, make sure you remove your name from the account. Understand how to remove your name from the mortgage — you may have to refinance the loan if the mortgage company doesn’t want you off the mortgage.
  • Cancel Joint Accounts — Close any accounts that you and your ex are both liable. This include credit card accounts. Contact the credit card company if your ex does not want to close the account and let them know you will no longer be liable for any debt on this account. This is also true for any utilities, TV and internet services.

If you have specific questions, the family law attorneys at The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay will sit down with you and go over your divorce decree and answer any inquiries concerning these next steps. Contact the divorce attorney Austin,TX trusts for all their divorce needs, today to schedule a consultation.