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Family law cases touch upon some of the most personal aspects of our lives including divorcechild custody and supportproperty division, and more. The legal process surrounding such private matters can be tumultuous and utterly exhausting. Generally, the fastest and most amicable way to resolve these issues is by avoiding court altogether and choosing to pursue mediation. Family law attorney Ryan Dougay can save clients the stress and money associated with litigation by guiding them through this alternative method of resolving disputes. Call (512) 469-0811 or email The Law Office of Ryan S. Dougay to find out how a mediation lawyer Austin, TX can help you.


Mediation Lawyer Austin TX

Mediation can be used to resolve issues related to divorce, property division, child support, and more.


hat is Mediation?

Mediation involves a neutral third party who works with each client and their respective attorneys, guiding them towards an agreement. This approach to conflict resolution is informal and flexible. The mediator encourages the parties to communicate directly as they focus on the issues of debate and develop various options to reach the best solution.

Choosing an attorney who has a proven record of success in family law mediation is imperative to ensure your specific preferences and needs are met.

Generally carried out over a day of deliberations, mediation can be used to find resolution on a number of family law matters such as:

Unlike a judge or arbitrator, a mediator does not have decision-making authority, and mediation is typically not binding. If mediation is unsuccessful, the case may move to arbitration, another form of alternative conflict resolution, or litigation.

Benefits of Mediation

Compared to cases which go to court, mediation is notably less expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. A client can end up spending tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees for a case taken before a judge. In contrast, issues resolved in mediation typically cost a mere fraction of this total. Compared to going to trial, the advantages of mediation include:

  • Less expensive
  • Reduced emotional stress
  • Takes less time
  • Greater control over decision-making
  • More flexibility with rules and guidelines

Additionally, mediation outcomes tend to result in greater compliance for both parties, as opposed to orders given by an arbitrator or judge. Essentially, the opposing parties are more apt to comply with a solution they have agreed to themselves, rather than another party’s decision that dictates their future actions in very private matters.

Legal Representation During Mediation

It is imperative to have legal representation during mediation to ensure that your and your child’s interests are safeguarded. The right attorney can ease tension between the parties and redirect attention to mutually beneficial solutions. Choosing an attorney who has a proven record in family law mediation, like Mr. Dougay, is imperative to ensure your specific preferences and needs are met. He prepares for mediation with the same attention to detail as he would to go to trial. Your best interests always come first and Mr. Dougay will not hesitate to take your case to court, if needed, to achieve an optimal solution.

FAQs about Divorce Mediation

What does a mediator do during a session?

The intention of a mediator is to assist in guiding conversation regarding disputes, in hopes that the couple reaches an agreement together. It is important to note that a mediator is not a therapist, despite being able to manage conversations filled with intense emotions. A mediator can help the spouses meet in the middle about disputes, but never offers advice or takes sides.

What are the benefits of hiring a mediator?

Divorce can be quite expensive, especially if the couple has to go to family court in order to have disagreements resolved. Court fees can add up quickly, in addition to being time-consuming and stressful. Mediation can be something a couple tries first, before having to attend court. Mediation can also help ensure that the solution reflects a little bit of each spouse’s wishes. A family court judge may not be so accommodating if he or she has to make the ultimate decision for you.

Is there any reason why mediation would not work?

In order for mediation to be a success, both spouses must be willing to cooperate. If one spouse is unwilling to meet face to face and be cordial, then mediation is probably not going to work.

Do I need an Austin, TX mediation lawyer for mediation sessions?

In general, attorneys are not present for mediation meetings between divorcing couples. However, a mediation lawyer can help you get prepared for upcoming mediation sessions. For example, there may be an instance where you need to gather certain paperwork when disputing child custody or alimony with your partner. A mediation lawyer can help identify which documents may be most useful for such a negotiation.

Also, many people may find they are more at ease knowing they have a legal professional working on their side during a divorce. An attorney may have insight and tips that you had not even thought of before, that can have a positive impact on your mediation sessions.

What kind of topics may be discussed during mediation?

The topics discussed during mediation depends on what exactly the couple is having trouble agreeing upon. Common topics for mediation can include who keeps the family home, who takes ownership of pets, visitation schedule for children, alimony payments, and more.

Let a Mediation Lawyer Help

To find out if divorce mediation is an option for you and your spouse, contact a mediation lawyer Austin, TX families recommend from The Law Office of Ryan S. Dougay today.  Attorney Dougay appreciates and respects the collaborative nature of mediation while working details into the negotiations that better serve your priorities.

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