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Divorce Attorney Austin, TXDivorce: Four Things to Think About

A divorce attorney Austin, TX clients recommend knows that even in the best scenario, in which both spouses agree ending a marriage is the right choice, there will be some challenges and pain involved in the divorce process. Retaining an Austin divorce attorney from The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay can help protect your assets and accompany you during divorce negotiations. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of families.

We understand the potential agony each spouse may endure during this time and can offer compassionate yet strategic legal services in order to get you headed towards a path of healing. Below we have gone over a few divorce aspects to think about to help make the process of moving on a little bit easier if you decide it is the right choice.

Understand the Severity of Requesting Divorce

Once you start the divorce process, a line is crossed that is difficult to come back from. Before officially filing for a divorce, step back and take a good look your relationship. Is this someone you want to give up forever? Are you angry and looking for a way to cause a reaction from your spouse? Examine the true reasons why you are thinking about divorce, so you do not look back wishing you had found a way to makes things work.

Find a Therapist

Regardless of who initiated the divorce, both spouses are likely going to suffer some emotional challenges. Divorce is going to force you to make big life decisions that surround around not having your partner there any longer. You will need an unbiased person to walk you through dealing with anger, anxiety, stress, and heartbreak.

Ask an Attorney for Education

During divorce, there are going to be many drastic changes to your life. Your future, assets, and custody of children may be at stake. By consulting with a divorce attorney Austin, TX parents depend on from The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay, we can help advise you throughout every step of the way. An attorney can help educate clients going through divorce about what exactly is to come next.

Your Kids are Priority

If a custody battle is part of your divorce settlement, the court system often makes decisions based on what is in the best interest of the child. There are many options as to the kind of custody you may be awarded. Joint custody overall entails both parents having a say in the welfare and care of their children. Sole custody in general means one parent has the main responsibility to care for children and may even be in charge of how much visitation the other spouse receives. A divorce attorney in Austin, TX from The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay can help go over custody differences more in depth with you.

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Please do not go through this divorce by yourself. We believe in helping spouses work towards a future that is full of joy and peace. A divorce attorney Austin, TX provides from The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay is happy to assist you and we can schedule you a free initial consultation by calling (512) 469-0811  today.