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Is my ex-spouse partly responsible for moving costs, post-divorce?

Spousal Support Lawyer Austin, TXA spousal support lawyer Austin, TX clients recommend understands that there are many life changes that a divorce brings for their clients. Not only are there many emotional issues that a person must deal with and work through, a divorce can also have a great impact on a client’s financial situation, especially if they were the spouse who was earning less income than the other or they were a stay-at-home parent.

At The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay, we have been assisting clients through the divorce process for many years. Our spousal support lawyers in Austin, TX are skilled negotiators and aggressive litigators when it comes to child custody and support, division of assets, property division, and all the other legal issues that need to be addressed in a dissolution of marriage action.

We have also been successful in obtaining different types of spousal support and other expenses in the divorce settlement process. If you are considering ending your marriage but are unsure what you may be entitled to from your share of the marital estate, contact a spousal support lawyer Austin, TX families trust from our office to see how we may be able to help.

Divorce Settlement

One question that clients sometimes ask is whether or not their ex-spouse is responsible for moving expenses, either because the ex-spouse was awarded the family home and the client has to move or because the family home is being sold and the client needs to move.

The answer to that question depends on the circumstances of your case. Although Texas divorce laws have certain rules that the court is required to follow, there is leeway when it comes to what each spouse is willing or is ordered to give in order to reach a final divorce settlement.

In situations where a spouse may need some financial assistance but may not qualify for or want spousal support, their divorce attorney could include those expenses as part of the negotiations. Moving expenses are a good example of this.

Unfortunately, not all divorce negotiations go smoothly and often the decision of who gets what in a divorce is left to the judge. If the ex-spouse will not agree to pay for the moving expenses and the divorce is being litigated, your spousal support lawyer Austin, TX residents depend on can present the argument to the judge as to why the court should order your ex-spouse to pay those expenses. If that argument is convincing, the judge can order your ex-spouse to pay your costs to move.

Spousal Support

Instead of just requesting that your moving expenses be paid by your ex-spouse, your divorce attorney may advise you to seek spousal support, depending on the circumstances of your situation. This can be especially helpful if you do not earn as much as your ex-spouse and are starting over on your own. Even temporary spousal support can make help alleviate the burden of now being solely responsible for all of the household and living expenses.

Having the assistance of spousal support can make it possible for you to go back and finish your education or obtain training in order to get a better paying job or start a new career.

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