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Ryan is an excellent attorney. He works hard for his clients and is always very prepared. He is very knowledgeable in family law and does a great job. I would highly recommend him.

I hired Ryan I contacted Ryan’s office while looking for a new attorney to represent me, since my last attorney wasted two months of my time, and I can’t believe how fast Ryan and his team got things back on track for me. I received a call from Ryan, we spoke of my divorce and child custody situation, and I learned more from him in a 30 minute phone conversation than I had from my old attorney in 2 months. He gave me the guidance I was needing, and in addition, I felt as if I was speaking to an old friend. That call was on a Thursday, we met at his beautiful office on Tuesday for a couple of hours, and by that Friday, he had scheduled a settlement hearing, which went better than I could have ever imagined, and now I’m looking to be divorced by next week! I am still walking on air at how lucky I was to come across Ryan Dougay. Wish he would have been representing me all along! Thanks again, Ryan…forever indebted to you!


I hired Ryan in 2011 for a divorce and child custody case. My former husband went through 3 attorneys by the time we got to trial last February. Ryan and/or his staff kept me informed about my case at all times and when Sara could not answer my questions she would set up a time for Ryan and I to go over new developments in my case. Due to the complexity and hostility in our case we ended up in over 5 hearings before even going to trial with my ex-husband constantly trying to derail our case. I can honestly say that Ryan never took his focus off of our goal, although, our goal changed several times throughout the case. He was able to sit with me and explain our options and possibilities and would let me make informed decisions about actions that he could take to try to obtain certain results. He was never hesitant to tell me what I needed to hear knowing it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. In the end I’m so grateful for his hard work and dedication and would recommend him to anyone going through a tough custody and divorce suit.


Ryan saved my family
As a single Christian father,I was only interested in truth, honesty, integrity and devotion when choosing a lawyer to under go such a sacred matter as family. And through faith and prayer I was lead to Mr.Ryan Dougay.
Ryan is a true TEXAN, he acted with professionalism and honesty, swift in action, his actions based on truth. Ryan treated my case as if it were his own leaving no room for error.kept me highly informed without misrepresentation.Answered every question with understanding and without doubt. I’ve dealt with many lawyers and this man is honest and reliable a step above the rest,he made my extremely complicated divorce a float down the frio river. I highly recommend this Man especially for a case as sensitive and sacred as divorce involving children. With the highest representation my case was a happy new beginning for my daughters and I.


Ryan helped me through my divorce and complicated property division. He was so great at explaining the process to me and explaining anything that I did not understand. He and his staff were always very helpful and understanding and I couldn’t have chosen a more qualified, competent, lawyer to handle my case. I am extremely happy with the outcome.


I hired Ryan last year when I was arrested for dwi. He was my second attorney I hired on my case because I kept getting the run around with my first lawyer and he kept trying to get me to take a plea. I felt very comfortable with Ryan and he was a great fit for me after interviewing several attorneys. He pushed my case all the way through trial and successfully got an acquittal due to doing well on my video. I would definitely hire Ryan if ever find myself in legal trouble again. I was able to get an acquittal in trial due to the fact that I had a good video


Ryan was awesome! He was very personable and got things taken care of very quickly…. I highly recommend him!


Just a word to express my gratitude and thanks for lawyer Ryan Dougay who worked tirelessly to represent me in a recent family law case. His expertise, compassion, and overall professionalism in handling the case made me glad that he was referred to me. Many times we ar forced into hiring someone we know little about, therefore relying on others recommendations. It is with great pleasure that I can say he was an excellent choice for my family and my type of case. Without him those long weeks of turmoil could have been a nightmare! My entire family and friends are so relieved we had such knowledgeable attorney in our corner.

Ryan helped me when it seemed all hope was lost. I was involved in a nasty custody battle that my previous attorney had created. I consulted with a few different lawyers before Mr. Dougay and they all seemed to have the same opinion, which was not a very favorable one for me. Ryan suggested a completely different approach than anyone had before. Instead of checking emails on his computer while I explained my situation he actually seemed intrigued and that was the point were I noticed that this guy actually takes pride in his work and the level of service he provides. Despite what all of the the other attorneys had said ” you will never get to see your son more than once every other weekend”, Ryan got to work and made the impossible happen! His high work standards, ethical awareness, and people skills were evident in the courtroom. Our victory can be attributed to his impeccable legal skills.

I hired Ryan after getting arrested for a DWI. Being arrested was a very scary experience for me, but Ryan made it better by virtue of his knowledge and the fact that he got my case dismissed on a technicality! His number is definitely saved in my phone for any future help my friends or I may need with the law!

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