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Family law cases pertaining to divorce, child custody, and other extremely private matters are often emotionally charged and unpredictable. None of us ever expect to have the legal world collide with our personal lives and these individuals face serious uncertainty surrounding their assets, rights to child custody, and more. The assistance of a dedicated attorney can make all the difference in protecting your interests and quality of life. Family law attorney Ryan Dougay in Austin, TX, has proven success in and out of the courtroom. If you are already engaged in a family law matter, or anticipate to be involved in one soon, reach out to The Law Office of Ryan S. Dougay online or call (512) 469-0811 to schedule a consultation with our Family Lawyer Austin, TX.

Family Law Attorney Austin TX


amily Law Practice Areas

Mr. Dougay’s commitment to excellence in client services and legal representation applies to all the areas of family law that he practices, including:


The divorce process is more likely to be shorter and end in a desirable outcome with the guidance of a divorce attorney with proven experience. Mr. Dougay makes every attempt to settle divorces during mediation or arbitration, but does not hesitate to fight tirelessly for clients in the courtroom.

Child Custody and Support

Mr. Dougay can work with clients to determine the specifics of child custody agreements, including considerations such as joint custody as well as holiday and visitation schedules. He will also ensure that all of the relevant factors that affect child support payments are recognized so you reach a fair agreement.

Property Division

How property is divided and in what proportions can vary substantially. If you are involved in a divorce, the surest way to achieve a just division of assets is by having an experienced divorce attorney put your best interests first.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Taking a case to trial can be a costly and lengthy process. Mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce are effective tools for a couple to arrive at divorce agreements without stepping foot in a courtroom.

Marital Agreements

These agreements spell out the terms of divorce should a marriage end, effectively safeguarding the interests of each partner. Prenuptial agreements are entered into before a couple weds, while postnuptial agreements are put into place sometime after this date.

Spousal Maintenance or Support

Also known as alimony, payment from one spouse to another is intended to compensate for economic imbalances that result after the dissolution of the marriage. This assistance may be vital to the payee, or a significant financial burden to the payer.

Domestic Violence

Abuse or allegations of violence will naturally complicate the divorce process. Victims will need additional legal protections and counseling to ensure their safety. Those falsely accused will need the help of an attorney to expose the truth and deliver justice.

Our Approach to Family Law

Attorney Dougay has earned the respect of his peers throughout the central Texas family law community, resulting in the nomination as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers Magazine three times. His approach is entirely individualized and hands-on, and he works on each case personally without passing off work to junior legal members of the team.

Mr. Dougay’s approach, regardless of case specifics or legal matter, is entirely individualized and hands-on.
While prioritizing your goals, Mr. Dougay constantly strives to minimize the cost, time, and emotional investment in these cases which is why he prefers alternative methods of dispute resolution techniques whenever possible. In the rare event that mediation or arbitration is not the best path, Mr. Dougay is renowned for being a hard-working attorney with aggressive litigation tactics.

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Whether you are facing divorce, re-negotiating a child custody order, or fleeing a domestic violence situation, Mr. Dougay appreciates the magnitude and sensitivity of your situation. Learn for yourself why so many individuals have entrusted The Law Office of Ryan S. Dougay with their family law matter. Call his practice today at (512) 469-0811 or use our online contact form.

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