Can Mediation Help Us Get Through Divorce?

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  • January 22, 2019

Can Mediation Help Us Get Through Divorce?

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be a heartachingly prolonged process, particularly if the spouses separating are at odds with each other the entire way through. Not only that, but divorce can be costly and quickly drain a person’s bank account. Despite divorce perhaps being the right choice for both partners, it still is unlikely to be easy. Life changes are bound to come along with many challenging emotions. When it comes to relationships ending there can be resentments, anger, frustration and even vengeful intentions.

Luckily, there is an option for divorcing couples that may be able to save them both a substantial amount of time and money. Mediation can be a helpful resource for spouses who are able to talk face-to-face and are motivated to get through divorce with minimal roadblocks.

Q: What is mediation?

A: In reference to divorce, mediation is when the parting spouses meet with a mediator to negotiate terms of the separation. The mediator is a professional who has knowledge into communication, and can help the couple arrive at an agreement over various divorce topics. It is the goal of mediation to arrive at solutions that benefit both spouses. If mediation does not work, then a judge may have to make the decisions for child support, child custody, alimony, property, assets, and more. Even if the parting couple does not get along, they may be motivated to reach an agreement so a judge doesn’t have the final say in their personal matters.

Q: What factors can help make mediation successful?

A: Each spouse must be willing to cooperate in order for the mediation sessions to be successful. If one or both spouses are unable to put emotions aside to find a middleground for disputes, mediation is not likely to work out. It can be challenging for many spouses to talk directly with the other, since parting ways from someone they thought they would be with forever can be immensely painful. Despite a mediator probably having experience navigating emotional topics, mediation is not the same as therapy.

Q: Is just one mediation session all that is needed to settle a dispute?

A: How quickly a dispute is resolved, all depends on the couple. Intense discussions pertaining to child custody and alimony may take more than a single session to settle. In many cases, spouses require more than one session to create a list of divorce agreements that works for both of them.

Q: Should I meet with a lawyer if I am going through mediation?

A: it is not necessary to meet with a lawyer for divorce mediation. However, it can be hugely beneficial to get legal insight into the process beforehand, so you walk into a session feeling prepared and confident. A divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL can answer any questions you have about mediation, along with tips on how to make the sessions run as smoothly as possible. Your lawyer can also represent you during divorce proceedings, to see that your rights are being protected through every step towards finalization.



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