Issues with Dads and Joint Custody

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  • January 13, 2019

Issues with Dads and Joint Custody

Child Custody Lawyers

Just because you are the father does not mean you have to give up spending any time at all with your children in your divorce settlement. Nowadays, in most states, the gender of the parent is no longer a factor when deciding custody.

Dads need to be aware of this and not automatically assume that the court will award mom custody while dad agrees to schedules and plans that take away some parental rights and precious time with their children.

Unless the court rules otherwise, a dedicated father has the same rights to their children as their mother does.

If a dad wants custody, they need to ask for it. Giving the mother custody has been the norm for such a long time, but parental responsibilities have changed over the years and a father who has been a constant in their child’s life has the right to ask for custody. Obtaining the services of a team of attorneys can help you with your custody case to get a settlement that best benefits the children and the parents.

If joint custody is something both parents willingly agree to achieve, most times it will work. However, an arrangement where the father reluctantly agrees to joint custody because he feels he does not have a chance to win custody will sooner or later become problematic. Situations arising after a joint custody settlement that the father reluctantly agrees to can be:

  • The father is bound by a regimented visitation schedule
  • He is still responsible to pay child support
  • The mom retains the right to move away with the children
  • When a father accepts joint custody, he is unwittingly admitting to the court that he is unable to raise the children on his own

Children need fathers in their lives. Fathers need to remain actively involved in their children’s upbringing. Studies done have illustrated this and have issued the following statements:

Children with fathers in their lives are:

  • Less likely to be depressed
  • More likely to do well at school
  • Less likely to be involved with drugs and alcohol
  • More likely to possess a higher self esteem
  • More likely to be truthful and honest
  • More likely to be better behaved

Don’t ever diminish the importance of your rights as a father just because you feel the courts favor ruling for the mother. Seek the help of an experienced child visitation lawyer Rockville, MD offers who will fight for your rights as a father. They understand the value of keeping fathers in children’s lives. A few visits a month or an occasional overnight visit is not enough time when you consider how valuable your presence in their lives and how fast they grow up. Stand up for your rights as a father so your children do not just consider you a visitor in their lives. They deserve more and so do you.



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