What Do I Need to Know About My Child Custody Battle?

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  • December 17, 2018

What Do I Need to Know About My Child Custody Battle?

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Fighting over child custody can be one of the most painful things any parent may have to go through. It can be distressing to think that your children may be taken away, when they mean so much to you. Parents who are negotiating with their ex about child custody terms, may have plenty of questions about what to expect. Here in the article below, we have answered several inquiries related to child custody.

What if my ex is being challenging during child custody negotiations?

It can be incredibly difficult to cooperate with an ex that is being troublesome during the child custody battle. However, the judge may look highly in your favor if you still show respect and willingness to work together when it comes to your children’s best interest. Eventually, your ex’s behavior may end up being what prevents him or her from being granted custody. The family court judge wants to see children thrive in a healthy environment. If your ex is being hostile and unstable, the judge may deem him or her unfit to parent.

Should I request a home evaluation?

If you are worried that your ex may try to make claims about how you are not a suitable parent, you can request a home evaluation. By doing so, you are showing the judge that you have nothing to hide when it comes to the quality of the home you wish to live in with your children.

Should I hire an attorney for help during a child custody battle?

It is highly recommended that any parent going through a child custody battle hires an attorney for assistance. To negotiate such an important topic without legal help could have a seriously negative impact on your custody verdict. An attorney can help you get ready for hearings, represent you during court, and strategize on how to show you are the most fit parent between you and your ex.

What if the judge makes requests that I do not want to do?

Sometimes, a judge may request that a parent take a parenting class, move to a larger home that can accommodate the children, or something else for improvement. By denying a request like this, it can put a huge damper on your case when fighting for custody. Even if the request is something you do not want to do, it can make the difference between having custody of your children, or not.

What if my ex and me want to try mediation regarding child custody?

Mediation is a common resource that many separated couples may try, before having to attend court over disputes. Through mediation with a mediation lawyer Austin, TX offers at The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay, both parents can strive to reach an agreement that they are both satisfied with. The benefits of mediation are that it can be much more cost-effective when compared to attending court, and it can help ensure that at least part of your requests are granted. In the event of a judge making the decision about child custody for you, the preferences of each parent may or may  not be taken into consideration.