How Can I Make My Divorce Go Smoother?

Divorce Lawyers Austin, TX

How Can I Make My Divorce Go Smoother?For most people, divorce is going to be a painful and overwhelming process. Your life is soon to change and there may be fears about what happens next. At The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay, our team of attorneys have been dedicated to helping clients get through one of the most difficult transitions of their life. Whether the divorce was agreed upon or came as a surprise, there is bound to be a mixture of flooding emotions. Our team of divorce lawyers, Austin, TX depends on, can offer professional legal advice as well as empathy for your situation.

Here in the article below, we have listed five tips to help you get through the divorce as smoothly as possible. The divorce lawyers in our Austin, TX office can work alongside you as you go through each step in the divorce proceeding.

#1 Agree to Disagree

Things between you and your soon to be former spouse are likely to be tense, uncomfortable and even hostile. This may be especially true if one spouse filed for divorce, when the other did not agree it was the right course of action. Conversations between you both may end in anger and frustration often. Divorce lawyers in our Austin office recommend that if you need to, it is okay to take a step back and revisit the issue at another time.

#2 Focus On Yourself

Divorce means you each are not responsible for the other person and all obligations of the marriage has ceased to exist. During this time, try to focus on yourself as an individual person. Find out what you enjoy doing and get back into old hobbies that you neglected during the marriage. This time is about you, so focus on yourself and your wellness.

#3 Try Mediation for Disputes

Our divorce lawyers in Austin have seen that mediation can be a great way for two spouses to find a resolution. The mediator is there as an unbiased third party to help you both arrive at an agreement regarding an issue that you have yet to settle. Try to negotiate in mediation before attending divorce court, as any unresolved disputes are to be decided by a judge instead.

#4 Do Not Try to Be Friends Too Quickly

Even if the separation is amicable, you may still want to take some safe distance from each other during the divorce in order to conduct things in a professional manner. It is important to set clear boundaries and rules that allow you both to move forward without rushing healing.

#5 Spend Time with Your Children

If you have children together, they are going to also need support during this transition. When creating parenting contracts, focus on what will be in the best interest of your children and try to put egos aside. It is not about who “wins” the children, but what routines can help them grow into happy and confident adults.

At The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay, we will do what we can do help you get through this heartbreaking period. We understand there are probably going to be road bumps and disputes along the way. We can offer experience, advice and representation as you move forward and focus on healing. Schedule an appointment with the divorce lawyers Austin, TX calls first to assist in getting their lives back in order.